Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Houston, We Have a Problem

Normally I do not shop at Ann Taylor.  I have always bought from Ann Taylor Loft; they have good quality work clothes that fit in with my profession.  When I first became a substitute teacher, I went to Loft and spent about $500 on clothes for my new job.  I had never spent that much money on clothes all at once, and considering I was just starting out, it was quite an investment.  To me, though, it was worth it.  I wanted to look the part of teacher, not just sub.  Less than a year after I started subbing, I started working in the classroom full time.  That was a long time ago, people, and you know what?  I still have some of those clothes that I initially bought at Loft all those years ago.  I still have the teal t-strap heels, a blouse, a pair of grey trousers... The list goes on.  And you know what?  I still wear some of those pieces.
So what's the problem you ask?  It's just that right now at Ann Taylor they have about a million pieces of jewelry and some clothes and shoes that I would love to add to my closet for the fall.  Especially since right now their new items are buy one, get one half off.

Ann Taylor Fall 2013

Ann Taylor sweater / Ann Taylor top / Ann Taylor jacket / Ann Taylor coat / Ann Taylor riding boots / Ann Taylor loafer / Ann Taylor flat shoes / Ann Taylor chain necklace / Ann Taylor pearl jewelry / Ann Taylor multiple strand necklace / Ann Taylor charm bracelet / Ann Taylor golden bracelet / Ann Taylor bracelet / Ann Taylor bracelet charm / Ann Taylor pearl jewelry / Ann Taylor magnetic bracelet / Ann Taylor necklace / Ann Taylor pendant necklace / Ann Taylor bauble jewelry / Ann Taylor bracelet charm / Ann Taylor earrings / Ann Taylor necklace / Ann Taylor necklace / Ann Taylor black belt / Ann Taylor black belt / Ann Taylor black belt

The problem comes in when you figure these teacher-inspired pieces are not necessarily in a teacher's(uninspired!) budget.  Well, at least now when you want to buy the whole store all at once!

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  1. I love/want/need those maroon loafers and the fox sweater. Holy moly.

  2. Both those coats are fab! And I lovvve the tassel necklace! xo


  3. I love the riding boots and that fox sweater!

    1. Isn't the fox sweater great?! And I would love to add those boots to my wardrobe for fall!

  4. I love ann taylor and ann taylor loft - lots of great finds at good prices! I actually just ordered the Black boots!



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