Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Trend Alert: Patterned Tile Floor

Lately I'm noticing patterned tile floors everywhere.  I'm attracted to the look because it creates a sense of history in a space; a feeling that the room was renovated around an amazing floor.  Often these tiles have a Mediterranean or art deco feel to them and this is what creates the "I've been here forever" appeal.  Also, an interesting floor tile pattern and/or color combination can work just like an area rug does in any space.  It creates interest and warmth and in a kitchen or bathroom, that's a wonderful thing.
pattern tile floor kitchen, farmhouse table as island, wooden beams, black cabinets, brass pendant lights
Love the mix of the subway tiles and the smaller pattern on the floor.  Well done.
Moon to Moon: Bold Statement Tiles...
Encaustic Tile
Hudson Milliner Kitchen Remodelista
Classic bathrooms are popular once more and there are a number of period-inspired tile collections around to choose from. Border tiles, inset patterned tiles and co-ordinating shades in both plain and patterned floor and wall tiles will add architectural interest to an otherwise plain room.

I'm curious, is this a look you would try in your own home?  I would like to think I would be so bold.  I am in love with the slate and pink flower ice-cream parlor floor!  Maybe in the kids' bathroom...hmmm.  


  1. I adore patterned tile floors–and these kitchens are beautiful!

  2. They really are incredible! I'm loving this look too.


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