Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What We're Seeing Everywhere: Pineapples

I'm sure you are also noticing a big trend toward all things pineapple.  I really love it because you can take it in so many different directions:  it can be go island kitsch, British colonial or modern and sophisticated.  It is a little bit ironic that I am writing about something as summery as the pineapple when the weather here has gotten really cold.  On the other hand, I did have pineapple on my pizza this evening.  Anyway, I am certainly inspired by all things pineapple since it is one of my very favorite fruits for warm weather drinks and recipes.  I would be remiss if I didn't include the well-known fact that the pineapple represents welcome and hospitality.  What could be better?
Pineapple Wall Sconce
Z Gallerie pineapple home accesssorie
Pineapple vase
pineapple brass
cocktail picks

This last image from Instagram, is my own.  I picked up this silver pineapple tray for my kitchen from the thrift store for $7.  Score!

Are you also feeling the love for that prickly fruit, pineapple?


  1. oooh what a fun trend! my fave is the first one and also the one with the house numbers. and you're right - it can evoke such different styles/moods.

    1. It is a really fun trend! Summer is fun, after all. That house number IS pretty great!




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