Thursday, April 17, 2014

What I Want/Need: Dooney & Bourke

I have been in the market for a new purse for a little while now. I need something that will travel well, and something that I will feel safe traveling with (I can be a bit of a worrier when the two of us traveled). Because of this, I have been keeping an eye out toward cross body bags. I found one at T.J. Maxx, in black, that I purchased, but then I was looking at the new issue of InStyle, I spotted this beautiful bag and fell in love with it, and when I hunted it down (I hate when  magazines don't give more specific information about featured items), I found that it was on sale!  For the month of April, it is 25% off.  I need to bite the bullet and buy it, but I am having a hard time justifying another large (for me) purchase since I just spent a chunk of change at Loft.  I like that the color, and like that it will go with black or navy.
I can't believe it is already Thursday!  Tomorrow we are taking our 5th graders on a field trip to the Ronald Reagan Library.  (We do this every spring with our classes, and it's such a great experience!)  Saturday is my good friend Jaime's daughter's 1st birthday, so we will be partying it up kiddie-style.  Other than that, we have no real plans.  Maybe I should do chores?  How about you?  What are you up to this weekend?

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  1. i am getting caught up on all my things i'm behind on!! and it's easter! and my dog's birthday!!

  2. Such a great bag and it's a classic...you'll have it forever!



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