Friday, May 16, 2014

Summer Trend: Navajo Inspired

Like most trends, I can appreciate them but in moderation.  I believe that the various Navajo prints (possible there are some Aztec mixed in(?)) are gorgeous.  I've always liked their graphic quality but never really considered working them into my life but now is the time.  I'm remembering that in the 1920's Navajo style was hugely popular.  It makes sense that it is enjoying a resurgence.  
designlovefest living room
wit & delight
Navajo shorts.
Summer Trend: Navajo Inspired
Summer Trend: Navajo Inspired by rebecca-iverson featuring MICHAEL Michael Kors
I'm pretty exhausted right now.  It's been a very long week.  I'm really happy that today is Friday!  I will enjoy every second of this weekend.
What are all of you up to?


  1. I love hints of navajo prints too! I have a navajo printed pillow and throw blanket in our guest bedroom. It adds the perfect touch to the room! And I just got some navajo printed shorts! :)




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