Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Minor Obsession: Salvaged French Doors

It's been quite a week.  All of us have been sick, except my husband (I don't know how he does it). It has been extremely hot yet we are trying to finish little projects around the house.  Today alone we managed to: paint Gwenna's dollhouse (need another can of spray paint, though), paint the office ceiling, weed the veggie garden and sew buttons on some new throw pillow covers.  All of this on and off as my son got a piece of food stuck in his esophagus and my daughter's need for "cuddles" became priority.  Really, that isn't even the half of it.  I'm not complaining.  On the contrary, I am grateful my son finally got the pesky crumb down and my daughter wanted me to sit with her.  My office ceiling is painted and my daughter's dollhouse is almost finished.
office doors...
via pinterest

Now I am going to relax (maybe fold laundry) and watch Some Like it Hot.
What's next you ask?  Well, since you asked, the office still needs new base board, new slipcovers will be in the works, the playroom ceiling needs to be finished, my mom needs help painting her bathroom, a friend bought an old piano she wants to paint a fun color, and Lori's room needs to reach completion.  Also, I need to apply for a job posting at a local university and sign my kids up for swimming lessons.  Yup, there is much to do.  I love summer!

The next chance I get and the next few dollars I can scrape together I hope might net me a set of salvaged french doors similar to these.  I would prefer they have more glass instead of the solid lower portion, but these are so charming and would add a ton of character between our entryway and office.  I am on the hunt!


  1. Wow! You’ve done quite a lot of work! But I can still feel that your energy is up, and that you’re very much ready for another home improvement project. Your idea sounds excellent! Salvaging and using old French door will give your home a vintage feel. I hope to see this project soon! I’m sure it would look lovely.

    -Adam Waterford

  2. Hi Adam
    Yes, I am totally ready for this project! I just have to find the right doors to fit the space. But half the fun is the hunt, right? Thanks for your comment and I will definitely share when I am done. Have a great weekend!


  3. Hinged French doors always remind me of my grandmother’s home. I love its large opening that provides an easy access from the home interior to the patio and vice versa. Anyway, how’s it going

    - Katie Nicoll

  4. Hi Katie! I have been looking for just the right set of doors, but because my current ones are on the small side it is a challenge. Also, I want them to be old but still functional. Ah, the search continues...Thank you for your comment!


  5. Well, I can’t blame you for having a minor obsession with French doors. They look lovely in any space. But what I like the most about this type of door is that you can modify the security features. You decide the type and number of locks that you can install. I hope your quest for a perfect door will end in a happy note! [Rolf Matchen]



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