Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Movie Birthday Party

Last summer my son, Britton, decided to write a screenplay for a movie he wanted to make.  It is actually his own version of Star Wars--his favorite.  We all helped out and took direction in order to help him create his own little masterpiece.  For his 8th birthday he wanted to premier his movie for his friends to see.  I have to say that, because his birthday falls directly after the New Year, I had a hard time getting excited about preparations for this party. I'm pretty much partied out (and that takes some doing). My mom and husband helped so much.  If not for them, it wouldn't have been as memorable for Britton.  
The above movie sign was made from spray painted cardboard with Christmas lights poked through the back.  It was free and made by my sweet husband for the occasion.  Lori gave me this idea in the first place!

The popcorn wreath was pretty easy (just let the popcorn sit for a few hours after it is popped so it isn't too delicate to handle).  I just added a few movie tickets and a wooden number 8 covered in star scrap book paper.  
The name of Britton's movie is "Good vs Evil."  I made this banner out of pre-made letters from Party City.  I just glued them to black felt and then strung them on star ribbon.  Easy and only semi-home made.
The mask one of the characters wore in the movie.
My mom and I got most of the supplies for the party here.
My dad got this director's chair from a local antique store, cleaned it up and added the "DIRECTOR" to the front of the chair.  {I will post a tutorial soon}
My mom also made Britton's "Mr. Director" shirt.

All ready for the party.  Gwenna has a star shirt because she was a star in the movie.  I wanted all of us to have star shirts for the party (since we all did our part) but we ran out of time.

I love these decorations between my living rooms.  They remind me of the student ball at the end of An American in Paris.

I put Britton's baby album out mainly because I always like to look back at pictures on my kid's birthdays.  I know, it's sappy of me. 

This was a last minute inspiration.  What should I put in the apothecary jars?  Extra tickets!  

My very favorite elements of the party?  This star cupcake stand I designed and my husband executed and these adorable cupcake toppers my mom made!  That is Britton's silhouette on a film reel!

Britton's name in lights on his own cake.  The star on the top is actually made of many little edible stars placed with tweezers.  I love it so much and so did Britton (In fact I think I will have another piece right now).

What would a movie party be without a walk of stars?  Each of the 14 children got their own star.  They wrote their names and placed painted (washable, of course) hands onto them.

We had classic movie food for dinner: hot dogs (with all the toppings)  warm pretzels, and nachos.  I threw in a veggie platter, though, so as to subtract the damage of all that junk food.
Here it is:  The feature film!  It is so funny and I think everyone really enjoyed it.  All of us in the movie had fun with it and will enjoy looking back at it.  

We had a concession bar with candy and popcorn!  My friend let us borrow their authentic popcorn machine.  What fun! 

Present time!  The best time for a boy of 8.
For favors we gave each child a movie candy with a gift card to the theater.  Easy and perfect for the end of vacation.  At the back of the stack you might spy a little grey and red bundle...it was for our youngest guest (who ended up too sick to join her big sister; poor wee thing).  It is a little one-piece button down pajama with the word "star" down it.  
Thank you to all our guests: we certainly hope you had a good time.  Britton is still talking about his party.  It was very special for him. 

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