Thursday, January 10, 2013

What I Need

I mentioned a little bit ago that the Cat and I have been watching a lot of French inspired films lately, including An American in Paris.  One of the outfits that Leslie Caron sported in the film is now on my short list of outfits I need to recreate.  (Another is a vintage Barbie outfit, yes, it's true- don't mock me.  I have found the skirt for said outfit, but still need to find the perfect top.)


So in the movie, Caron's character wears a fantastic outfit in the form of a cardigan (in my favorite green shade, no less), pencil skirt, heels, and polka dot collar/scarf thing.
image via Hollywood Fashion Vault

image via

Ahhh, I love it.  I have a pencil skirt that will work (I have both black and navy; I'm thinking she's wearing navy, but maybe it's black?), I have a green cardigan, but the buttons and neck line is off. I do have a pullover in the right color, though, which should work.  What I need is the polka dots.  Who doesn't love a good polka dot, right?!

Vintage Scarf; Ecclectia, $5

Vintage Navy Polka Dot Scarf; Lost Found and Loved
So now I am on the lookout for polka dotted neck wear.  And would you like to know a very unfashiony secret?  I am even considering -gasp- one of those really lame dickies.  For shame, for shame, please don't stop reading the blog because of that!  If it weren't for the anonymity of the internet, I don't think I would even consider that option.  I can't actually imagine carrying one of those up to a register.  This isn't a tiny town, but it's small enough that I would be afraid of being seen purchasing such a poorly named piece of clothing.
I'll keep you posted.

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