Thursday, January 24, 2013

What I Want, Faux Real.

I want a pair of (faux) leather leggings.  I have seen them styled a couple of different places, and I have decided that I could pull a pair off.  Normally, I would think they are a little too rock and roll for me, what with me being a teacher and all, but I have come to the conclusion that if I style them right, I could totally get away with them.  They aren't just meant for girls like my friend Jenn whose boyfriend is a musician and who spends the majority of her time backstage with other musicians, living the rocker musician life.  (Her boyfriend is Jared Blake, who was on the first season of the The Voice, in case you're wondering.)  So Jenn wears things like leather leggings, and she looks totally natural in them.  I, however, have always shied away from said leggings.  Until now. Now, in my head at least, I can totally pull these off.  And I only waited until spring is just around the corner to decide on this.

Zara faux leather leggings

Zara, Faux Leather Jeggings
Besides a chunk of change, what is the difference between the leggings and the jeggings?!

I keep picturing myself wearing these with big, cozy sweaters (I recently bought such a sweater at the Buffalo Exchange).
La Garconne Gamine Pullover
(a steal at $450)
Sadly, this is not the sweater I bought.

I think things could go very wrong very fast with a pair of pants like this (as evidenced if you type "leather leggings" into pinterest), but I also think that if done right (usually with a much heavier/flow-ier/longer top), then they can be pretty fantastic.  I also like the black leggings that have just touches of leather, like these:

just a touch
image via pinterest

If the whole, "Look!  I'm a 5th grade teacher wearing leather leggings and pretending to be a rock star!" thing doesn't work, I may try a pair of coated skinny jeans instead.  Over on the blog Kacie's Kloset, she wears a pair of J Brand coated skinny jeans and they are the perfect fit/style.  

Anyhoo, it's almost the weekend, and I have to admit I will be glad when it gets here!  I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. I'm also searching for the perfect steal of the best leather leggings & this Zara number is just about it!!!!


    1. I wish they were part of the sale, but sadly, they aren't! I'd like to make it into the store to see what the difference is between the two pair.

  2. Love the jeans :) I have one leggins, but i dont like them anymore :(

    1. I love the jeans too. If you have time and haven't already, you should pop on over to Kacie's Closet- she styles them in different ways, and they are really cute!

  3. You have a wonderful blog so glad I found it. I'm your newest follower. Would love it if you could follow me back :) xo




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