Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day Trip: Ventura

Over the three day weekend, my friend Kim (photographer extraordinaire), two of her daughters, and I went to Ventura to do some shopping.  We ended up on Main Street, where they have thrift store after thrift store and tons of antique stores, too.  The shop I was most excited to go to, however, was the Buffalo Exchange.  I didn't even realize there was one down there, so it was like a special bonus when we passed it.  I am proud to say that I kept myself from squealing (loud enough for them to hear).  I first went to a Buffalo Exchange while the Cat and I were in Chicago over the summer.  I scored a couple of great dresses then, and I am happy to report I scored a couple of great dresses this time, too.  (I need to take them to the dry cleaner before I start wearing them.)

These actually aren't the two dresses that I bought, but they are two of the dresses that I tried on.  I actually loved both of these (hello, ORANGE!), but the striped one, though gorgeous, had skinny straps and no back, and let's be honest here, I don't think I can pull off  backless and skinny straps.

The other dress, with the cute print, had a really sweet Peter Pan collar, but it was waaaaaay too short for work.  I don't want to give the kids that kind of an education!

The weather was so nice; it actually reached 80 degrees!  It made me really long for warmer days here, too, and now I can't stop looking at dresses and clothes for spring.  That didn't stop me from picking up a great sweater and an equally great cardigan, though.  (I'd say the trip was a success!)  The cardigan is reminiscent of the one Anne Hathaway wears here...

Mine isn't nearly as long (and it is hooded), but hey, I take what I can get!

We also went to a neat little shop called Copperfield's Gifts and Rarities- super fun, and recommended!

They sell a mix of new and vintage/antique items, with prints all around the exposed brick walls.  They also have a pretty good selection of used books, including one in the nonfiction section titled Unicorns.

I also stopped in a book store called Calico Cat Books; I am still on the lookout for Hemingway's A Moveable Feast.

The (cute!) book store worker directed me to the sections of the store where I could search, but to no avail.  As I was leaving, he stopped to let me know that he had found a first edition up at the front.  What service!  Sadly, I had to step away from the bookstore, as I don't really have the money to buy a first edition Hemingway.  Maybe next time!



  1. Loving that orange dress! Thanks for finding me! :)

  2. I have an exposed brick wall in my home and would love to do a similar gallery wall! Thanks for the inspiration. - J

    1. I bet that will look great- I am all about a good gallery wall!



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