Thursday, January 3, 2013

Minor Obsession: Reading Nooks

First I have to say I love Rebecca's post from yesterday.  That outfit is perfection.  I love it.
The other day I was looking at a blog whose author had recently done a bedroom makeover.  She has enlisted the help of some designer, and together they worked to create their own perfect retreat.  What caught my eye was the reading nook that they installed in the room.  They had taken a recessed area of the wall (you know the little area builders often leave homeowners to stick a television console into?) and added a built in wall to wall bench, complete with storage and topped with a thick, comfy cushion and lots of pillows.  They then added some pretty cool sconces to either side of the wall, and BAM! a reading nook/window seat (minus the window) was born.
image via

By now you may be asking yourself What in the heck is she rambling on about?!  Well, I'll tell you.  I can't find that dammed website.  I have no idea as to which blog I was looking, and it is really bugging me because I want to look at it again because I have a little built in area in my living room that currently houses my t.v. and I would love to have a little built in reading nook.
So, any ideas?  I keep typing various things into various search engines, hoping to find that blog, but to no avail.  And I've checked my history on all three computers that it could possibly be on, but no luck.
Still, I like the idea of it, the extra seating/extra storage, the reading nookery of it all.  I want it.  Until then, I will have to cull images of other reading nook areas for inspiration.  Really, I am a bit obsessed, as I've already done a post on this here.  It's just that now I actually have a potential place for one.

                                    Traditional Hall design by Seattle Architect Sullivan Conard Architects

                                                                           Source: theletteredcottage.net via Josefina on Pinterest

I especially adore the last image; the article on the blog is a fun read too; a husband and wife took a road trip to an architectural salvage place, picked out old gym floors and that back wall was born. It's a genius little space. I love it.

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