Monday, January 14, 2013

If I was a Rich Girl...

...If I had all the money in the world, I would be spending thousands of dollars on these beautiful pieces.
Donna Karan Chemise

Rosamosario Principessa Robe
Rosamosario Principessa Chemise

La Perla Shanghai Chemise
La Perla Shanghai Briefs

Rosamosario Robe
Rosamosario Citrone e Limone Chemise

Bodas Silk-Satin Pajama Set

La Perla Maison
La Perla Maison Briefs

I love the glamorous, old fashioned feeling of these pieces, and they are a pittance at just $4,595 collectively.  Can you imagine having an extra $5k lying around to spend on these kinds of things?  Would you spend $5,000 on lingerie if you had the means to do it?  I think I would feel guilty buying an $800 dollar robe when I know people who are struggling to pay their rent.
Anyway.  Regardless of their price tags, they are gorgeous pieces and I would welcome them with open arms into my wardrobe.

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