Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back to Life; Back to Reality

The Cat and I got back from visiting family in Wyoming yesterday.  We had a great time; Alli got to go riding, she got to go to her first rodeo, and we got to visit with family, which was my favorite part.  My cousins Debbi and Darci (they're twins, in case you could not tell from the names) moved to Wyoming with their family when we were all still in high school.  We went from seeing each other several times a year to hardly ever.  It had been about 7 years since I'd seen Debbi, and at least 8 since I had seen Darci.
We took advantage of the three of us finally being together again after all those years- concerts, bars, shopping... Things we missed out on doing together because of distance, time, and life in general just getting in the way.
Tiny, crummy picture, I know, but it is from my tiny, crummy phone, and I think it is better than nothing!
Anyway, when we started off on our trip, Alli and I were walking through the airport, having just bought an extra magazine for the plane, when my purse strap (the only purse I brought!) broke.  I obsessed over this and immediately ran to the CNBC store to see what they had.  I had to buy a giraffe print bag that is way too big as a normal purse but ended up being perfect as an impromptu carry on.  This proved especially useful on the trip back when I had to stuff it full of all the purchases we had made while in Wyoming and Denver.
I was still obsessing over not having a regular purse, so when we landed in Denver we stopped at a T.J. Maxx where I picked up an Emma Fox straw and leather bag on clearance.  I also got a little Calvin Klein wristlet because I knew I wouldn't want to be lugging around a big purse everywhere we went.

The color of the leather on both is much prettier in person, and the little wristlet is so soft, it's like buttah.  (That should have been read in a Mike Myer's  SNL Coffee Talk accent, by the way.)
So now we are back to real life, with only a couple (deep breaths) weeks of vacation left.  For having no plans to go anywhere at the beginning of the summer, we have managed to squeeze a lot in.
Hope you are having a great Tuesday!


  1. Cute pic (tiny, but definitely not crummy, ha!) and love the new leather goodies!


    1. Thanks, Ashley! The Emma Fox pure is so much prettier in person; I am definitely getting plenty of use out of it!

  2. Glad you caught up with your friends! And good that you could get a replacement bag quickly - how horrible that yours broke! :(

    Away From Blue



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