Monday, July 1, 2013

Patience is a Virtue (that I don't have)

I've been talking for a little while now about how I am slowly decorating (and redecorating) my house.  Rebecca has been instrumental in this; she really does have a great eye, and has that special ability to be able to see the end result of a project.  She's also got the knowledge to get things done.  I don't.  I don't have the ability to really see how something will turn out, and I don't really have the know how to make it work.
But I digress.  Slowly, slowly, slowly, we've been touching up different rooms of my house, painting, installing light fixtures, staining dressers, hanging pictures.  There's more to that list; there are many more things that I would never have completed on my own.  A lot of what we've been doing has been slow going not because projects take time (they do, but I'm telling you, Rebecca and her husband are powerhouses when it comes to busting out projects), but because of that age old issue of money.  Unfortunately, that is not something I have an endless supply of, and so as we've been working on all these rooms throughout my house, we've been waiting for perfect pieces to come along at the perfect time and at the perfect price.  This has been a blessing and a curse.  It has been wonderful working with a designer who is so willing to let me really take my time until I find the perfect pieces that I absolutely love and that will work in the given space.  The curse aspect?  I am so impatient!  If I had my way, I'd go out and find everything I need, snatch it up, and throw it where it needs to be.  I have no patience with waiting, even though I know it's something that I have to do.
It is times like this, though, that that patience pays off.  I found a pedestal table for my kitchen (in need of a good sanding and a paint job) that cost me all of $25 for the table and the four chairs (which I probably won't use, but still).

Just look at how banged up and crappy the top of this table is.  Never fear, though;
Rebecca has a plan!
$25, people, for the style table I've been wanting and that I could easily have splurged and purchased at full price for well over $400, at least.  So even though it is a virtue I don't readily have, I am willing to continue to be patient in this seemingly never ending business that is decorating.
What I am really, really, really grateful for, though, is that Rebecca seems to have an endless supply of patience to go along with all that knowledge, foresight, and talent. 
I can't wait to get this little baby ready to go, and I'm really excited for the twist that Rebecca has imagined for it.  I'm not going to say more about that right now, though.  If you want to know what she's got in mind, you'll just have to be patient and see.

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