Friday, July 5, 2013

Hair Day

Finally today I am getting my hair cut!  It has gotten ridiculously long and limp looking.  It needs a major trim and shaping, but should I do something more drastic?  I know from experience that I can't go too short (soccer mom city) and I think my color needs a little kick but nothing high maintenance.  Here are a few dream hair inspirations of mine!  
Love this style.
This cut on Gwyneth is so pretty.  I might try this at some point but I think that I should have a more interesting hair color to make it work.
Just a bit of gold highlights
I think these highlights are really gorgeous.
This is really my dream hair color.  It doesn't look colored at all just perfectly naturally sun kissed.
gorgeous color
If I was up for more in the way of maintenance, I would jump at this golden strawberry shade!  It is so perfect.
I'm not sure what I will end up with today but I'm excited to have a change.


  1. Pics! You must post pics! I love all of those sunny highlights, they look so natural and low-maintenance. Red is fun but it's WORK, lol

    1. Yes, you are sooo right about the red! I will post pictures:)
      Thank you, Martha. You are so sweet.


  2. Fantastic looks!




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