Saturday, July 27, 2013

Style Crush

This week on Long Distance Loving's Friday Fancies the theme is "Style Crush."  When I first read that, my mind went in about a hundred different directions.  I have so many style crushes!  Blair Eadie (who doesn't have a style crush on that woman?!), Oliva Palermo, Rachel Bilson and her fictional character Zoe Hart, the list goes on.
I decided today to focus on someone who has helped, in many ways, shape the face of fashion- former Chanel model Ines de la Fressange.  Her style is the epitome of chic, and I love that she is so willing to share what she knows.
There is even a Parisian Chic weekly planner to help guide and inspire you.
buy it here
I've had the original book since it was published in 2011.  I love the classic outfits presented in the book; two years later and I am still wearing variations of the the clothes inside because they are timeless.  Here's one of my favorites from the book.

I went out and bought two cardigans like the one pictured, and even though they are kind of an olive/army green, they are so neutral that I can pair them with just about everything.  Plus they are light enough that I can slip one into my purse in case I get chilly at some point.
Style Crush

Sleeve dress / Dress / Floral dress / Raif long sleeve shirt / Dorothy Perkins / Watch


  1. Love the colour of your cardign..
    Maybe we can follow each other..!!
    keep in touch

  2. That chambray dress is super cute! I'm also loving the bag. Great picks. Hope you had a fabulous weekend (^_^)



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