Sunday, July 21, 2013

What I'm Wanting: Turquoise

Happy Sunday, all.  We are wrapping up our vacation here in Wyoming with a little bit of country music, riding, and rodeos.  Hanging around real cowboys and cowgirls has made me crave some turquoise jewelry (when I was a kid, that was always my favorite), so I thought I'd share some pieces I wouldn't mind adding to my collection.
by Milk Handmade

This is a very simple take on turquoise, and I love that it is paired with gold since you almost always see this stone set in silver.


With this Fauna Butterfly necklace, you can inexpensively jump into the bug trend that is popular in jewelry right now.

Max and Chloe

I love this necklace. It is so simple, but it is so pretty. And I just realized after making the statement about normally only seeing silver with turquoise, the three things I've posted so far have all been set with gold. I guess that is a more modern, less country take on this stone.
Okay, here is one more necklace.  This is the style that I was wishing I had last night when we went to the rodeo and a country music concert after.
kate spade
It would have gone perfectly with my white button up blouse and blue jeans (that's about as country as I could get while here; I don't have any cowgirl clothes).
I would also LOVE to have this one:
Charm & Chain

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday; tomorrow evening the Cat and I (along with my Mom) will be flying back home to California.  Before we jump on that plane, we will be doing a little shopping in Denver and then hitting up Cracker Barrel one more time.  Hey, a girl's got to have priorities, right?!
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  1. Each of those pieces are so beautiful. A pop of turquoise looks great with just about anything.



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