Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What I'm Loving Lately

I have been obsessing over bar carts lately, but finally decided that I will probably never get one.   I don't really have the room for one, and I can't find one for less than $300 plus shipping.  I have other things I need to spend $300 on, ya know?   So I have been obsessing over all things alcohol. Not the consuming of alcohol.  Just the setting up of the bottles and the displaying of the prettiness.  But I have to admit that I am kind of obsessing over this recipe.  I need to get some rum, stat.  
Source: obaz.com via Andrea on Pinterest
So, since I decided that I will probably never buy an actual bar cart, I figured that I can do the next best thing and have a bar tray.  I found one at our local antique store and snatched it up.
Source: labrazel.com via Pug on Pinterest
See the tray in the middle? That is VERY similar to the one I found at the antique store. It is currently on a table in my family room, covered in drinks.  The ones in the picture are from LaBrazel, and are on sale for $124.  I got mine for $25.  Score!

Don't you love this outfit?! I'm noticing a pattern going on with the last couple of summer outfits I've fallen in love with...
I'll leave you with two more pins that I'm loving this week.  First, wouldn't it be lovely if everyone collectively agreed that we should all use these words more often?
And here is one more pin to help make your day a little brighter. How adorably cute is this little guy?
Big thanks to the Vintage Apple for hosting another round of Wednesday Pinsday!

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  1. Those trays are divine! I wanted a bar cart, but when we moved into our new apartment, the built in bookcase was just too perfect for our boozy display!

  2. I've obsessed over the pink glasses in the first pin for years. I like to go online and put them in my shopping cart and dream. Sometimes I visit the cheaper version at Cost Plus.

  3. Love the outfit inspiration photographs :)




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