Friday, July 12, 2013

Mirror Re-do and Do-over

Around 10 years ago I worked in a home decor boutique and I bought this large mirror.  Originally it was all gold (you know, during the Tuscan craze).  I then painted out a lot of the gold, a Swedish blue but left a bit of the gold.  I really liked this look for a long time but recently decided that I wanted a change.  
 I thought it would be pretty to paint the blue, black.  4 hours later I put my tiny paint brush down and decided that, while it was really pretty, it wasn't going to work in my house.  Has this ever happened to you?  Oh well.
Lesson 1: My original plan was to spray it a glossy white and I must remember that my initial instincts are usually the right ones.   Lesson 2:  If you invest 4 hours of labor in a project don't let that stop you from changing it again if it isn't right.  
Now I just need a fabulous sconce on either side and a sideboard underneath.

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