Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas in Connecticut Movie House

I stumbled onto a wonderful blog, Hooked on Houses, a few years back when I was looking for pictures of a house I fell in love with in the movie Something's Got to Give.  It is an ingenious site devoted to houses; one section of the blog is devoted to houses from Christmas movies.

If you are like me, you probably watch some movies just for the houses, sets or clothes.  If not, you are missing out because there are so many inspirations in the movies.  What strikes me first is the mood of a space; I then want to stare and study to find out what it is that creates the feeling I love.  This site allows me to do that, as opposed to pausing the movie myself.

One of my favorite Christmas movies is Christmas in Connecticut.  The house in this movie is a very beautiful set that I would love to see someone actually build in reality.  There is nothing homier than a sprawling country home at Christmas.  And thanks to Hooked on Houses, I can stare as long as I want!

photo 1-living room
Barbara Stanwick's first view of the Connecticut Christmas house.

Christmas in Connecticut fireplace 4
A fabulous view of the sprawling stone living room.
photo 8-staircase
Amazing half-circle staircase.
Jefferson & Elizabeth-guest room
In the bedroom: Fireplace and built-in window seat.
Christmas in Connecticut farmhouse 1
Outside view of the lovely house.
My all-time favorite Christmas movie house is from Holiday Inn, but that house isn't on the site...yet.  Let's see if I can convince her to add it!


  1. I love this movie. Thanks for the shout-out! I'll definitely get to "Holiday Inn" one of these days. It's another one of my faves! :)

  2. Thank you so much! I will look forward to it...Merry Christmas to you!



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