Sunday, November 13, 2011

Desert Photos

Rebecca and I have been friends for a few years now; we met while we were both in college, working on our English degrees.  We had just about every class together, and I think that right away we both recognized a little of ourselves in each other.  We had similar tastes, both in literature and in clothing.  A few moths ago we started talking about creating a blog together.  It had been something I had thought of doing for a long time, and when I mentioned it to her, she was right there with me; she, too, had been thinking of starting one as well.  We've been done with school for some time now, but we both miss it.  We decided a blog would be the perfect place to express our creativity and to get in a little bit of writing, even if it isn't of a serious nature.  We talked about what we wanted to feature on our blog, and fashion was definitely at the top of the list.  We also wanted to include various vintage finds, since we are both drawn to that aesthetic.  Interiors and decorating are a natural offshoot, and something that Rebecca is extremely good at.  She knows what she likes and she knows how to put things together; she's got a great eye and fabulous taste.  And so we talked for a bit about getting started, and decided we would need a name that fit.  Rebecca came up with the name pretty much right away.  It kind of encompasses who and even where we are.  When we started building the website, we knew we didn't want just any old header; we wanted it to match our name and kind of give a peek into who we are and what we like.  Our friend Kim helped us out with the pictures for the header.  We had a little mini adventure loading up the props (mostly Rebecca's sitting room furniture!) into Kim's truck and hauling it out to the desert to set up.  Of course, the day of the shoot was extremely windy, so we had quite a time with hair flying all over the place, book pages flapping, and lamps being blown down.  For our first time out, though, and thanks to Kim's photography skills, we wound up with some great shots, and our blog was born.  We've been at it for a little over a month now (or has it already been two months?!) and we are having a blast with it.

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