Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thrifted: From Dress to Apron

At the beginning of this month I did a post entitled "Thrifted."  I said I would share something special that I had found at the Goodwill.... this wonderful tunic/dress!

Although it is pretty, I knew it wouldn't work for me as it was; it didn't fit right, but I couldn't pass it by.  I decided to ask my amazing mom if she could turn it into an apron for me.  She not only made one for me, but had enough to make one for Gwenna as well!

My finished apron!

Little hooks for the back closure.

The pocket was made from a sleeve of the dress.

Thanks to a little imagination and the sewing skills of my mother, a not-quite-right, yet pretty dress is now two aprons that we can use everyday!

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