Sunday, November 20, 2011

For The Love of White

"For me, people are color, flowers are color, food is color, and all of this is my canvas."~
 Rosy Strazzeri-Fridman

Ah, white.  I have and always will be in love with white.  I am not alone in my infatuation.  Many people see how magical white is.  Just like a snowy white landscape, expansive and glorious. Nothing is prettier than a white interior.  It is perfect for any style home: from traditional historic, or simple country to modern contemporary. Although it is beautiful, white interiors can be tricky; that is why some people are afraid to decorate their own homes in white.  Each piece in a room takes on more importance when everything is white: the architecture is more noticeable, and the light plays freely from edge to corner.  Mirror and glass sparkle more in a white space and your home becomes your canvas.
simple country kitchen
Classic white Nantucket style kitchen
Traditional and timeless. Invest in a white kitchen, and you won't regret it!
industrial country kitchen. chippendale chairs + marble + checkerboard floors + coffered ceililng | windsor smith home
Fabulous, contemporary white kitchen.
The beauty of the materials and view can be the stars in an all white room like this.
This is what I would dream of seeing first thing in the morning.

This room will go out of style when? Oh, that's right...never!

the advantage of an all white or neutral space is that even a little color makes an impact.
Objects on candlesticks.

This is the sweetest little sleepy corner!

An accessable white bathroom. Not over the top, but lovely.

Need proof that white works in any style of home? Here is a cabin in Montana, done in white.
Love white.

gorgeous, simple, expensive, white

Transitionally decorated living room, mainly white with neutral contrast

White isn't just for pretty rooms in magazines.  I live with white in my own home and find that it isn't difficult, even with children (and a husband).  Slipcovers and duvets are genius, and like I always say, if it is dirty I want to know about it! White never bores me, and I have decorating ADD.  The more you read about others who live in white spaces, the more it is obvious that white is just right.

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