Monday, November 7, 2011

New in at Anthropologie

The new Anthropologie catalog came in the mail, and I finally had a chance to sit down and take a look.  There are some beautiful pieces, and some really fun ideas for gifts (perfect for the upcoming season)!
Embroidered Books, Anthropologie
I think these embroidered Penguin Classics would make a beautiful addition to a home library.  (For an English major, I sure do judge a lot of books by their covers!)  I have a friend who is reading The Secret Garden to her class right now, and I think this would make the perfect little gift.
Sea Story Sailboat Ornament
This is a sweet little papier-mache sailboat crafted from the pages of a book.  I know it is a Christmas ornament, but I like just looking at it.  This is one of those things that I would buy just because it is so cute.  It doesn't really match my Christmas stuff and I don't want a whole tree full of them; I just like the way it looks, so I would like to have it around.  Unfortunately, I tend to do this with clothing and even jewelry too; I have been known to buy something that I know I probably won't wear just because it is too pretty to pass up.  I guess it's a little hoarder-esque, but I don't really care!
by Boni Ashburn
How adorable is this little book by Boni Ashburn?  In it, the little girl on the cover has a favorite dress that she has outgrown, but is unwilling to give up.  The story is of the evolution of the dress, with her mother turning it into various other items of clothing, like a shirt, tank, and skirt.  I think the story line is so sweet; who hasn't had a favorite something or other that we just don't want to part with even though we've outgrown it?  My own daughter has a collection of t-shirts from when she was younger, many of which have sentimental value.  They are shirts like the one my brother gave her as a thanks-for-being-in-my-wedding-present, which has a picture of a refrigerator running on it.  There is the one that has a picture of Darth Vader on it from her days when she was obsessed with Star Wars, and there's one that has a beautiful little sketch of a girl on it.  These are shirts that meant a lot to her when she was younger (she's so old now, at ten!), so we just can't bear to part with them.  I didn't turn any of them into other items of clothing, but I am planning on turning them into a quilt.  I love the idea of her having a special quilt that is full of memories that we both share.  I think that will make an excellent gift.

USB typewriter, Royal from Anthropologie
This repurposed vintage Royal typewriter can be hooked up to an ipad or desktop so that you can write in old-fashioned awesomeness.  The added bonus is that you can unplug the typewriter, add an old school ink ribbon and paper, and type for reals, yo.  It's a bargain at only $798.00.



  1. A few hours ago I was standing in a bookstore with one of those Penguin Classics in my hand, debating whether or not to buy it for you. I panicked and decided to do some recon on your blog before I pulled the trigger. Phew!-Rebecca

  2. Becky, that is so sweet; thank you! Checking out the blog-pretty smart. One of my Pinterest boards reads like a Christmas list too, but pretty much one of impossibly expensive things that I would never actually buy!
    p.s. I still love love love that you guys got Alli that mermaid bell-doll. That was such a perfect, thoughtful gift, and it really meant a lot. Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!



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