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This is Sasek

by Sasek

A couple of years ago, Alli and I were lucky enough to go on a trip to Europe that included stops in England, France, the Isle of Mann, and Ireland.  I wasn't sure if we were definitely going to France, as it was only going to be a day trip if we had time.  (The sole reason for going to France was to go to Paris, because Alli wanted to see the Eiffel Tower.)
Anyway, our trip was set for the summer, but the planning began months before that, and so for Christmas Alli received a special book to let her know of our upcoming trip- This is London by Miroslav Sasek.
By the time her birthday rolled around, our day trip to Paris was set, so I bought her the book This is Paris to let her know that we would be making the trip to the city of lights.

by Sasek

 While were were in Ireland, I got her the book This is Ireland by the same author.
by Sasek

Next summer, my goal is to go to Italy.  Alli wants to go back to Paris, since we missed seeing the Eiffel Tower lit up at night, but I have always, always, always wanted to go to Italy.  And I'm paying, so I win.  Part of me is a little scared to go, because it is looking like it may just be the two of us traveling across the pond.  We flew back from Ireland by ourselves, but for our whole trip last time, we were part of a large group.  We were really fortunate to be part of that group; for our first trip overseas we were gone for a few weeks, staying in flats and bed and breakfasts more than actual hotels.  And we had a beautiful time, though unfortunately we have fallen out of touch with many of the people from the trip.  Anyway, that trip has put it in my mind that if you're going to go to Europe, you should stay as long as possible.  So I would like to go back to London for a few days, and then go on to Italy.  And while in Italy, I'm thinking we should rent a little flat or villa, rather than stay in a hotel.  I just think it makes sense, if we can get a good deal, to rent a little apartment and make that our home base and travel around Italy from there.  I would like to go to Roma, of course, and Firenze (Florence), and the Amalfi Coast.  I want to go to Venice, Tuscany... I want to go everywhere I possibly can.  And I want to keep with our tradition of getting her the Sasek books that focus on the country or city.  So these are two things that I'm hoping to get Alli for Christmas, with the understanding that it means the trip is in the works and we are going to Italia.  I want to be able to test out our tiny bit of Italian, like "Tanto piacere" (It's nice to meet you).  Here's hoping!

also by Sasek

by Sasek

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  1. I saw the Eiffel at night as a kid. It was brilliant. But you should win; Italy would be amazing.



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