Wednesday, November 16, 2011

DIY Fall Oak Leaf Wreath

Last year I saw a picture of an oak leaf wreath in Country Living magazine.  I decided to try it myself.  I found it was so easy and beautiful, that I think I will make it a fall tradition. You should definitely try this one!
Here is my bag of leaves.  Give yourself a few inches of stem to work with, and try to gather leaves of varying sizes and colors for interest.
I like grapevine wreath bases, because it is easy to push the stems through the spaces.

You could wire each leaf on, but I found that method to be very time consuming.  I just use a hot glue gun so the leaves don't dislodge.

Each wreath only took me about 15-20 minutes.  Add some ribbon if you like and enjoy as long as you want.  The leaves dry beautifully!

One of these would make a perfect
 Thanksgiving hostess gift!


  1. That came out really cute. If I'd known you were gonna do that, I would have sent you some red and yellow leaves from Minnesota!! Cyndee

  2. That would have been awesome! Our leaves here are so unimpressive-yellow with a touch of brown is all ya get. You need to make one and I will post it for you!!



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