Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Ashley Greene set by maguie19
When I am in need of a little fashion inspiration, I love going on Polyvore for ideas and for a look at the latest trends.  I love that you can take a look at boards that various people have painstakingly put together.  Some of these boards are truly inspiring and beautiful.  They look effortless, but after attempting once to create my own little look, I quickly realized what a lot of work these inspiration boards can really take!  Maybe when I have some extra time, I can sit down and try to put something fabulous together.  I love that we have this kind of technology available to us, that we can hop online and take a peek into a virtual world of fashion.  It really is amazing what these kinds of sites have allowed us to do; anyone with a computer, some time, and a good eye can put these things together, regardless of budget.  You can create looks that in real life you could never afford, but thanks to the wonder of the internet, you can still showcase your talent.  People can show off their knack for putting pieces together; I, for one, love to see what the many members of polyvore come up with and share.
There really are some amazingly talented people on this site; I could go crazy sharing them all with you.  I've highlighted just a few of these talented artists.  If you click on the link below the pictures, it will take you to their polyvore page so you can view their other creations.  Enjoy!
Falling for shoes! by deeann

Stairway to Heaven by Helleka


  1. Isn't technology grand. I too love jumping online and relaxing with a little creativity. I'm glad I have you two for a great fashion fix.




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