Monday, November 14, 2011

Sagebrush Cafe

This photo session was Lori's and my second adventure with friend and photographer Kim Trzyna.  We were also fortunate that Ruth Knolls (my hair stylist, and owner of Dots...A Unique Hair Spot salon)  volunteered to do our hair and make-up.  We wanted a 50's/60's vibe, and I am so lucky that Lori has an amazing closet that she kindly lets me raid.  I borrowed this great sundress, belt and purse; we both knew it would look good in color and black and white photos.  Lori looked so stunning in her cigarette pants and  striped sweater.  Ruth did a great job with the cat-eye make-up and, for me, messy teased hair, for Lori, a teased ponytail.
We chose a local coffee house, Sagebrush Cafe, because it has a true desert look and casual, retro feel that we felt perfectly complemented the clothes and our website.  We also did a few poolside photos later in the day as a farewell to summer with the white lace dress (also from Lori's closet).  My favorite pictures, though, are of Lori poolside-she really captures the essence of retro cool.
We had so much fun with these pictures, and classic looks!  We know we are not models; we are regular women who enjoy fashion and are unafraid to try new things.  I have learned many things from Lori about fashion (and she is the most stylish person I know) but one very important thing I have learned is to dress the way I want, no matter what others are doing.  We hope that our fearlessness encourages other women out there to celebrate themselves everyday.

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