Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to School (Also known as "Vacation is Over," "Go to Bed Before Midnight or You'll Never Want to Wake up," and "Don't Worry, Summer Will Be Here Before You Know It."

Natural Chic by jangold featuring a tibi dress

So, vacation is over. It was a very nice three weeks, and it went by far too quickly. It is time to get back to reality. Lucky for me, I really do love my job, so even though I have loved the time off, I'm looking forward to seeing my kiddos.
I think this outfit combo, taken from Jan Gold over at Polyvore, is the perfect look for going back to work after a bit of time off. The outfit is completely classroom appropriate; it's serious enough but it is also fun. The heels aren't too high and because they are stacked, they would be easy to stand in all day. This outfit compilation was actually posted three years ago, but the look is so timeless and easy that I think it is just as fashionable today. To me, that is when it is worth it to invest in more expensive pieces of clothing--when they are classic and will stand the test of time. After all, if you subscribe to my theory, an item becomes less expensive the more you wear it. Now who could argue with that?!

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