Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kid's Rooms: AKA Another Room In The House

Since I have recently finished a few children's rooms, I am in the mood to show you some amazingly beautiful little tyke spaces.  I think the perfect child's room is one that isn't ever too juvenile; kids go through phases, and what they are "into" changes rapidly.  Accents are easily changed, upholstery is not.  Please don't decorate for your child's interests, but absolutely consider their personality.  My daughter is outgoing, so I didn't give her a demure space.  I also believe that the parents are the ones that pay for everything, so why shouldn't the children's rooms match the feel of the rest of the house?  I don't mean to sound domineering on this point, but mom and dad work hard to create a beautiful home and the kids' rooms are a part of the home as a whole.

Here are my kids' rooms as they look now:
Gwenna's Room: 

Britton's Room:

Kids' rooms can, and should, be special and timeless.
Change out the accents and this room would do for a 3 year old or an 18 year old.
to die for kids room
hissugarplum via pinterest
amazing multi-layered nursery
cotedetexas via pinterest
Talk about smart! This nursery is perfectly appropriate for a baby (I love the colorful modern art). Add a full size bed later and there ya go.
fun boy's bedroom design with union jack flag, twin beds, vintage chest nightstand, peacock blue lamps, dinosaur bedding, wicker baskets, blue lamps and tan walls paint color.
There is nothing overdone about this little space. It could easily be changed out later.
A sweet shared bedroom. Simple and feminine.
LOVE the colors and textures
thingsthatinspire via pinterest

Boy's room: blankets
image via pinterest
I would love to get my son this bed.
I might have to feature this whole house sometime, but this little girl's room matches it.
Longevity doesn't have to mean neutral.


  1. I adore the room with the abstract painting!
    Thanks thanks for sharing! :) Lucia.

  2. You're very welcome, Lucia! I know I am loving the -no-limits- approach to kid's rooms these days. Thanks for your interest and comment!




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