Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kate Spade's Spring Accessories- All Aboard!

So I just wrote a post stating that I'm not quite ready for winter to be over.  Well, after looking around at some of the stuff that is coming out for spring, I decided to change my mind.  I still want to wear my new vintage wool sailor pants, but I also want to wear some of these other new nautical pieces that just scream spring.  I see a striped shirt in navy and white and I want to show it off, not hide it under a winter coat.  So all of the following goodies are from Kate Spade, and I must add them to my Need for Spring list.  The more appropriate name would actually be Wishlist for Spring, since Kate Spade accessories are not exactly in my teacher's salary budget.  But it is always fun to look!
All Aboard Ship Clutch- Kate Spade

here is the open view- how cute is this?!

This purse by Kate Spade really got my heart pumping.  I adore it.  I want it even if I never actually take it out and use it.  I want it sitting in my closet, on the shelf, so that I can look at it and admire it every. single. day.
Kate Spade Sailor Stripe Yellow Scarf

I love this scarf.  It comes in red, too, but I am really drawn to the yellow.  I think it is a bit more unexpected, but gorgeous.

Kate Spade Sailor's Knot Ring
I LOVE this- it is so simple and classic;
 I would wear this ALL the time.

I love the simplicity of this little gold ring.  I went through a period where I really only wore silver jewelry.  For some reason, I didn't care for gold.  I don't know what I was thinking; I'm all about gold these days.  I found a really cute vintage gold necklace at the thrift store (the Antique Asylum- that place is a gold mine! ha ha, I couldn't resist) that has a sailor knot at the end.

Kate Spade All Aboard studs
I haven't really been a big earring person, but these are so timeless and chic that I am willing to change my policy for them.  These would add just a tiny touch of the nautical trend to any outfit.

So, I'm on board with Kate Spade's spring accessories- how about you?!


  1. I picked up some anchor earrings at forever 21 that have the same nautical vibe as the kate spade collection but for $1.80. I also will wait until some of these really cute things come to the kate spade outlet in houston (that I frequent at least every other week for good deals.)
    from katespade-aholic.com

  2. Sandee, I bought some anchor earrings there for my daughter; I bet they are the same ones. Great idea about picking up some of the stuff from the outlet- I will have to check and see if there is a Kate Spade outlet near us anywhere. Thanks!



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