Sunday, January 15, 2012

Plaid Shirtdress

 After posting about the Hilfigers and their awesome Christmas party a little while back, I was inspired to use a piece of clothing that has been hanging in my closet for months with the tags still attached.  I had bought the piece, a sleeveless sweater vest, after having seen similar pieces styled with various outfits.  I remember back to when I tried it on- me, standing in the dressing room of Marshall's (I am a bargain shopper!), looking in the mirror and imagining all the fabulous outfits this would be part of.  It was so versatile, and it was neutral enough that I could pair it with so many things!  Maybe this would become a wardrobe staple, fitting in with the clothes I already had hanging in my closet, an instant update to my fall and winter wardrobe.  Cozy, comfortable, and chic- the three C's I look for in my winter clothes.  Once I got it home, though, I decided I didn't like it after all.  What had I been thinking?  This thing made me look frumpy, it looked stupid with all my stuff... it just didn't work and it needed to be taken back to the store.  Cut to months later and this sweater vest is still hanging in my closet, with the tags still attached and the receipt nowhere to be found.  I would pass by this thing in my closet every morning, thinking today is the day that I will take that back; I'd better hurry before it's too late and I don't get all my money back.  But it never happened.  I got busy, and it stayed hanging in my closet, mocking me.  Not very bargain shopper-esque to leave it there, I admit, and it was looking like it was going to be a total waste of money (which I am not proud of).  Thanks to the Hilfiger commercial, though, I was inspired to pair it with stuff that I already had and to wear it out.  In the spirit of the commercial, I put it with a plaid shirt dress, gray leggings, cream socks, and brown boots.  I think the mix is a little quirky, but sometimes I like my outfits to be a little quirky.  Or ugly, as my family might sometimes say, but I prefer the word quirky to ugly.  In my opinion, if you really like something, you should wear it, even if others don't always get it.  I think that can be a hard thing to do sometimes, but it's good to remember to wear your clothes and not let them wear you.  Wear your clothes with confidence and you can make just about anything look good.  Except for M.C. Hammer pants.  If you decide to sport those, you're on your own.

paired with a leather bracelet and a chunky gold chain

plaid dress- Forever 21; sweater vest-Marshall's; leggings- Forever 21;
bracelets-Dillard's; boots-Newport News, about ten or twelve years ago

I'm loving the look of boots with creamy socks sticking out.
 I found these at Kohl's.


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