Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lavender, Mauve and Purple

Lovely lavender:  I can almost smell it just looking at this picture.  It is the most striking color and it can go all the way from soft and neutral to intense, and bold.  I love almost all shades and versions of this royal color.

The history of the color mauve. I really want to read this.
This is a color that you love or you hate.  I also think it is easy to do lavender wrong.  Most people associate purple rooms with a version of Barney the dinosaur, and the intensely cloying purple of a tween bedroom.  It is too bad because there are so many shades of lavender that are incredibly easy to live with and that are not too feminine.  I think John Saladino has proven that lavender can be used in a gender neutral way.   Men need to open their minds to the affect of this wonderful color, and forget the gender connotation.

Case in point: Shades of dusky lavender mix well with leather and mohair.

Even in this room with the periwinkle sofa and pillows, it is worldly and rich not gender specific at all.



This is one of my favorite rooms: Saladino uses the most beautiful shade of lavender on the sofa and chair, it is timeless and soft.
Sweet girls room. I adore gingham sheets.
My childhood bedroom was lavender.  I painted it myself and will never forget the calm feel of that room.

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