Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Layering Lace for Winter

This is another piece I've had in my closet for a very long time, but I could never quite figure out how I wanted to style it.  By itself, this lace dress is really very simple and pretty.  And short.  I mean super short, as in it's pretty much a shirt.  Or maybe it could be considered a tunic.  Maybe if I were a few years younger and a few inches shorter I could wear it on its own, during the summer, with just a pair of sandals or heels.  But not now.  At least not if I want to avoid getting arrested for indecent exposure.  No, I'm afraid this kind of "dress" is only going to work by layering the hell out of it.  In this case, I figured I would try it with leggings.  Gray leggings.  And boots, of course, since it's winter and leggings look so good with boots.  I topped the dress with this really cute sweater I got at the New Year's Day sale at Dillard's.  The sweater is dark gray, fitted, and cropped, and I love it and it was a great find.  See, I woke up on New Year's day and actually forgot about the Dillard's sale, which in my book is like sacrilege, dahhhhling.  I've gone as soon as they open that day for the past few years, and somehow this year I did not remember about it until about 12:30.  Half a day wasted!  I got ready really quickly and drove to Dillard's as fast as legally safe and possible.  What did I find?  All of the stuff I had scouted earlier that week was gone with the wind.  There was one second choice dress, which I promptly grabbed.  I managed to find a couple of other things to try on, too, but it wasn't until I got to the dressing room that the shopping gods smiled on me and had mercy on me- the person who was in there before me was my size and had my initial taste in clothing and had left behind a treasure trove of clothes.  Her trash was my treasure- almost everything I bought at Dillard's that day came from the leftovers in that dressing room.  Why am I telling you this?  Because that is where I nabbed the little gray Cremieux sweater jacket that I paired with this outfit.  So there's a handy little shopping tip for you- the day of a big sale, if you don't find what you like out on the main floor, don't forget to check out the dressing rooms and don't be afraid to dig through piles of discarded clothes to find something you love.  That's also where I found a gorgeous silk shirt I'd had my eye on- in a pile of clothes in another dressing room.  Was it a little embarrassing sitting on the floor, sifting through a big pile of clothes?  Maybe.  Was it worth it to get the $130+ blouse for about $30?  Yes, I'd say it was.

dress: Marshalls, eons ago
similar style herehere, and a way more affordable style here .
Knit blazer: Cremieux, Dillard's, (on sale!)  here
leggings: Forever 21
belt: thrifted
boots: Aquatalia

Love the detail on the back of this
Cremieux Knit Blazer, available here.

Can you imagine trying to wear this
 ALL day without something underneath? 

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