Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jacqueline's Nursery

You may recall my post in December called "Faith's Room."  Faith now has a baby sister, Jacqueline, and I am so proud to show you her completed nursery.  The above picture was taken mid-project: we had added chair-rail and painted the walls, but nothing else.  From the beginning it was important that both rooms (since they are right next to each other) relate to one another, while at the same time maintain their own unique design.

And just like Faith's room this one has an unusual color palette of coral and red.  I LOVE the red crib, and so do Jacqueline's mom and dad.  They were slightly hesitant at first (at least dad was) but this red does not scream or detract from the over-all peaceful feel of the room, but it does create a focal point out of the crib. The same color red was then sprinkled around the room to keep the eye traveling and keep it consistent.  

This is the view of both rooms from the hallway.  I love that the same cream paint is used for both rooms, they both have chair-rail and the same color value is used for the colors below the chair-rail (the medium tone on the paint chip).  One room has more cool tones, the other one has warm, but both rooms have some of the same colors as accents.

The coral color in Jacqueline's room is just a lighter version of the rust tone in Faith's room.  There are just a few hits of yellow and blue in Jacqueline's room that also "speak" to Faith's room.  While Faith's room has an animal motif, Faith's room has birds.  Both rooms have a fresh, light feel with white furniture and textiles.
The little bird hook was a TJ.Maxx find.  I love hooks that are mounted in unusual places.
Just like Faith's room, Jacqueline's mom found this perfect door knob
but we still need to find a way to make it work in the existing
door.  It is the perfect coral shade too.
This tall shelf unit is perfect for display, books and
necessities placed right near the change pad on the dresser
for easy access.  

I found this mirror at a local antique store "The Barn"
and new it would be just perfect.  It is a large scale with
girly ornate details for only $37!
I painted the mirror coral, from the left over wall paint, and I think it is my favorite thing in the room.
The perfect little bird lamp from Potterybarnkids.com

I love these little bird decals ordered from etsy.com.  They provide a little hit
of the red to the right side of the room.
Here she is!  Sweet baby Jackie in her finished room.  She is an angel, isn't she?
I painted the crib with a spray paint that also had a built in primer.  I am very happy with the results.  It made a simple piece really special.  Anyone can do this!

My friend, Christine and I, gave Jackie's mom these embroidery hoops with coordinating fabric for wall art at her baby shower (Hello Baby!) and they look so cute with the wall clock mixed in.  

Min (Faith and Jacqueline's mom) added the red bric-a-brac tothese white Ikea panels.  They remind me of Valentine's day! So very sweet and simple.

Min already owned the shelf and wasn't sure where to put it.  We decided that it would
make the perfect spot to set a glass of water when she is sitting with the baby, instead of a table.

I can just picture big sister Faith pulling up this little stool when she wants to be with mom and
her baby sister.

I am so glad that I was allowed to be apart of this fun decorating project!  Congratulations
to my dear friends Min and Jin:  Your family is complete and completely beautiful.

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