Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Sound of Music and Gustavian Decor

The beloved movie, The Sound of Music is not only a classic because of the lovely story, the beautiful music and on-location filming, but the amazing Von Trapp mansion which lends the perfect atmosphere of dignity and grandeur.  I just love to look at the rooms in this house (it is a real house, and not a set) and I thought you might as well.  Not only The Sound of Music house, but other houses decorated in the same Gustavian style.

 Most people would recognize the house in this picture as the famous Sound of Music mansion.  It is in fact Hellbrunner Allee in Salzburg Austria.  This house is now a hotel!  You can stay in the very rooms you have seen in the movie for around $180 per night.

Lake view of the house

This view of the house is actually a different mansion from the house in the front view.  This is Schloss Leopaldskron, a rococo castle on Leopaldskron Teich, a man-made lake.  
The foyer
Maria's bedroom with the infamous curtains

The family room
Christopher Plummer could croon to me any day...I have a major crush on him!

Another view
View from the courtyard into the house

I am not sure which room in the house this is, but you can see more of the furniture.

The ballroom
This is the one room that looks more French than Swedish.

Gustav III, 1746-1792

If you think that Gustavian decor looks a lot like French interiors, there is a reason for that: Gustav was influenced by French design, and later by Italian and this is clearly seen in the line of the furnishings.  During this period of Gustav's reign, there was a backlash against the lavish Rococo period.  Swedish interiors are far more simple; there is an emphasis on light colors and this is to counteract the feeling of gloom in that part of the world.  
I have to say that I LOVE this design style, the lightness of it, the simplicity.  Here are a few examples of some beautiful Gustavian inspired interiors.

Gustavian settee
Swedish antiques with the classic light palette.

Swedish country kitchen
Garden dining room with a fantastic Swedish clock. I want one someday!

so many details ...
I wonder how the VanTrapp children would look in Belgian linen?

This room is inspired. Everything whitewashed and hand painted; it is filled to the brim with antiques.
Swedish perfection by Slettvoll



Almost everything in this home is an antique.
Another gorgeous clock.

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