Friday, January 27, 2012

Let The Decorating Begin!

So, Rebecca is being an angel and acting as my own personal interior designer and helping me redecorate my bedroom.  For some reason, when I moved in to this house, I managed to get all the rooms decorated (or at least semi-decorated), except for the master bedroom.  The walls in there were white, unlike the rest of the house, where the previous owners experimented with wall colors like fuschia and blue-blue-blue.  Not pretty shades of those colors.  Horrible ones.  Especially the blue.  It was bad.  And in the living room, it was even splattered on the ceiling.  So we painted and took care of those rooms, but never got around to the master, which was, as I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself, white, except for one wall, which was green.  It wasn't the best green, but it was okay, kind of a shabby chic shade that actually matched a color in my bedspread.  I was done with it, but scared to move on, and not sure where to start.  Thankfully, Rebecca has been here to help me.  She knows my taste (Pinterest has been a huge help here), and found me a gorgeous shade of gray for the walls.  She came over one weekend and painted my room for me.  I could say she helped me paint, but the more accurate  way to say it is that she painted, and I tried to help and not get in her way.  And now she texted me and asked if she could pick up my dresser this weekend so she and her super handy husband could take it home and stain it for me.  Have I won some kind of contest here?!  So my job is to pick out knobs for my soon-to-be-updated dresser.  Honestly, I would really rather just let Rebecca pick, because I don't want to screw anything that she does up, but I think I can handle (ha ha) picking out some new knobs.  Ultimately I want her approval on the knobs, because she can do what so many of us can't (or are at least are afraid to try to)- she can see the final project in her head.  Anyway, here are some gorgeous knobs that I have found while browsing the internet for ideas.  Some are possibilities, others are just pretty. We will definitely have to show off the dresser when it is complete, and before it is stained.  I know I can't wait!

Bauble Knob, Anthropologie
Mother-Of-Pearl Knob, Anthropologie

Spanish Moss Knob, Anthropologie

Edwardian Knob in Aqua, Anthropologie
Oh, and just for the heck of it, here are a couple of before pictures of the house when we bought it.
It took lots of Killz to cover this up.

The office,before we painted it and filled that
whole back wall with book cases

One of the bedrooms- that blue was on a wall in the living room
and eating area- and the ceiling!


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