Sunday, March 25, 2012

1950's Kitchen Cart

 I inherited this little kitchen cart from my Grandfather.  It had an outlet extension for a toaster or coffee maker, and that is how they were used, as extra storage in a small kitchen.  I decided to paint it this fun blue and use it in my bathroom for odds and ends that needed to be at arms-length.   I love the handle on it too, perfect for a hand towel.  

 I got this second cart at a junk shop for around $5.  It is just right in the little corner of my laundry room.  It got a coat of jade green paint. 
I have used both carts for other purposes, when the occasion calls for it... 
I used these carts at a baby shower as a drink station.  They are just so versatile!

A few more Ideas:
I really like this cart and how it is used.
Here's one that has been kept in the kitchen. Still cute and useful.

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