Thursday, March 8, 2012

More of the "right amount of wrong"

The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas has added another quirky commercial to its repertoire, and it's as entertaining as the first.  I am not sure how long the commercial has been out; some internet snooping says that it made its full length debut during the Grammys.  It features "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen and some more of the hotel's quirky patrons, this time poolside.

I love the mix of people and fashion; it is what you would hope to see upon visiting Las Vegas.  At least, it is along the lines of what I would hope to see when I visit Las Vegas.  Instead, you tend to see a lot of inappropriately dressed individuals walking around.  I know, I know, it's Vegas, right?  I think some people use that as an excuse to walk down the street dressed like Pretty Woman's list of "Fashion Dont's."  To them I say you can be sexy without being slutty.  Look at the blond in the commercial; her bathing suit is sexy and the cut even makes it seem a little risque, but it is not at all trashy.  All I'm saying is, There's a way to do it, people!  I like the Vegas imagined in these commercials.  It's just the right amount of wrong!  (I went for the obvious pun.  Forgive me; it's been a long day.)

Here are some high end swimsuits, available this season.  I must admit, I think some of the designer swimsuits beg the question, is it the $400+ price tag that takes a suit from trashy to sexy?  Hmmm...  Actually, I think I have a good answer:  it is not the price tag that takes something from trashy to sexy; it is the woman wearing that something.  It depends on how you wear something, how you hold yourself, and how you feel.  It's a good idea to always remember that you have to wear your clothes; do NOT let your clothes wear you!

Overtly sexy; buy it here

Balamain, available here.
See?  Sexy in a subtle way
(unless you turn to the side!)

Michael Kors; get it here
(and show off your tiny little waist- even if it isn't SO tiny,
the belt helps show off your shape and defines your waist!)

She would fit in seamlessly in that commercial.
Get the suit here.

Hello, High Waisted Shorts.  We meet again.
Buy these here and you can be sweet and sexy at the same time!

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