Saturday, March 17, 2012

Inspiration: My Little Pony

Growing up I loved horses, so it was a natural that I played with "My Little Pony" and watched the TV show. That was in the '80s.  Today they have unfortunately ruined the "My Little Pony" label, sucking the charm right out of the sweet little pony figures and episodes.  I have one old VHS with original episodes and a few of my, once huge collection, of "My Little Pony" figures.  My daughter loves horses too, and I wish I had the whole collection of figures for her to play with.  Even though I have outgrown "My Little Pony" I still love horses and I found a dress that took me back to my childhood.  
dress: Gymboree
cardigan: Gap
boots: Target
stripped knee socks: Gymboree
necklace: boutique 

dress: Forever 21 ($13)
sweater: thrifted
ring: thrifted
boots: Dillard's
Pink and purple unicorns are fun but all grown up thanks to a casual pairing of a long knit cardigan, belt and boots.  
My mom made Gwenna a bunch of these reversible fabric headbands.  This paisley print is perfect for her western-inspired pony ensemble.

Option 2:  Work Appropriate

The great thing about this dress is that the style of it is conservative enough to wear in a professional work environment.  The colorful unicorns are a pleasant, whimsical surprise but they don't seem too juvenile with peal earrings and a pointy, kitten-heel.  Perfect for Spring!

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