Sunday, March 11, 2012

Classic Blue and White

The combination of blue and white is as classic in America as it is in Europe.  It is timeless, fresh and inspiring.  It can be minimal and modern with geometric prints or layered with various florals and checks for a feminine and beautiful affect.  Take a look at these rugs and fabrics I found and start dreaming in blue and white.

Rain Off White and Sky Blue Rectangular: 5 ft. x 8 ft. Rug
$385 for a 5 x 8 ft.

I love this rug to offset a room full of beautiful florals.


I love a blue and white check gingham!  It is so very French and has such a casual, chic vibe.  It reminds me of Lori's post entitled "Gingham"  here.

How beautiful is this!  What stunning curtains this would make.

One of my favorite blue and white fabrics!  This dragon Schumacher fabric is simply gorgeous.

Another unusual Schumacher design.

Blue and White Spaces
A wonderful example of how the repetition of the same pattern in blue and white looks very modern and fresh.
You can't have too many different prints mixed together when it comes to blue and white.
Formal and proper in the garden.
Jane Lilly Warren via Matchbook Magazine
There couldn't be a more appropriate or graphic statement in a dining room than blue and white china.
I love the wall color! Blue is a natural choice for a bathroom, but this shade of blue is unusual and beautiful.

Blue and white is a great accent, like that beautiful little chair in this room.

Ralph Lauren 

Sarah Richardson

Want to see more inspiring blue and white spaces?  Check out this book


You are going to have to wait to see what this is...hint but I love my blue and white garden stool I got a while back at a local antique store!  

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