Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gallery Wall

I have been saying for some time now that I want to do a gallery wall in my formal living room.  Or thinking it, I guess.  I don't really walk around randomly blurting out, "I want to do a gallery wall."  Anyway.  I have this great couch and chair in there, and they just don't go with the old look of the room.  So I have slowly been collecting pieces to create my own little gallery wall.  I love a good gallery wall (apparently I love typing it over and over), but I think they can be so hard to get right.  I culled the internet for some inspiration.  Over on TradHome, there is a great video called something like "Jonathan Adler Vs. Charlotte Moss."  Partway through the video, they show a room designed by Moss that has the perfect gallery wall.  Unfortunately, I have not yet found a still of that room and its perfection.  Hopefully someday I can find that pic, but in the meantime, I can always pause the video to study the room. 
Without further ado, here are some great pics featuring some gorgeous examples of mass displays of art. (Notice that I did not say gallery wall again.  You're welcome.)

In the hallway
image via desire to inspire

In the beroom
via Decorgirl Montreal
design by Pieter Estersohn

Charlotte Moss knows how to do a gallery wall-
this is perfection!
via Decorgirl Montreal

I love the look of a fisheye mirror anchoring the wall.
image via Decorgirl Montreal
In the living room.
design by Charlotte Moss
image via home portfolio
See?  I'm telling you- Charlotte Moss is a genius.
via switcheroom

My Mom had the brilliant idea to ALSO do a
gallery wall in my office.  
found on Lovely Clusters via Shootfactory

You can even have one in the loo-
image from shootfactory
So now I've got to hit the antique stores and the thrift stores so that I can find some cheap art for my (wait for it, wait for it!) Gallery Wall!!!

*update- Look what I found!  The Charlotte Moss room showcased in the Tradhome video.

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