Monday, March 19, 2012

Quilts...Not Just For Granny's House.

Quilts conjure up images of Summer in the country.  I like that quilts provide a use for leftover odds and ends of fabric and that the designs are endless.  I am going to help my mom make Gwenna a quilt for her bed (for the warmer months) out of leftover fabrics I have collected.  I am so excited because I have never done this before!  I think quilts feel really fresh and happy right now, and I love that they have a long history.  Here are some of my inspirations:

Antique Dresden Plate Quilt Top Blocks Vintage 1930s Fabric Feedsack Embroidered Pieces
 The Old White Cupboard shop available at etsy.com
Here is a gorgeous 1930's vintage Dresden quilt.
What a statement this would make in a bedroom...it just screams "Summer!"

I am loving this bow tie design!

Look at the intricate pattern and charming fabrics of this quilt.
Incredibly sweet! I love the butterflies.
This pattern reminds me of my daughter's headboard fabric.

My favorite designer, Sarah Richardson, uses quilts often:  At her farmhouse and island cottage.

Sarah Richardson's daughters' room at their cottage.
Richardson's master bedroom at her Farmhouse.  She designed the room around the sunny yellow-orange in the antique quilt she found at a flea market.

The master bedroom at the cottage.  Red is a color that Richardson uses sparingly,
but it is perfect in this room and on this quilt.

My Mom made this pillow out of a patch from my Grandmother's baby quilt.
The quilt was in bad condition so this was a great way to salvage such a beautiful
piece of our past.  Thanks Mom!

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