Monday, March 26, 2012

Zara Spring Dresses

It's officially spring, right?  I'm not sure Mother Nature knows that yet.  It is raining.  Again.  I know, I know, spring showers are common, and I love them, but these aren't spring showers; they are cold little bursts of rain.  Which I actually like when I get to experience them from the comfort of my home.  But the kind of weather we have been having makes me want to stay bundled up in warm shoes and sweaters.  Here are some clothes that I would love to be living in right now, and will be, as soon as Mother Nature realizes spring should include warm weather.
Teardrop Tunic Dress from Zara
Just because it is spring doesn't mean you have to wear bright colors.

Navy Blue Lace dress from Zara
I love navy blue.  I adore it.  It is one of my absolute favorite colors for clothes.  Rebecca wants to paint one of the walls in my formal dining room navy blue, and I have heard that your house should reflect your taste in clothes, which makes sense to me.  If I love to wear it, why wouldn't I want to be surrounded by it?!

This Zara dress is literally called "Dress with Frill at the Waist."  I think it would be interesting if someone from Modcloth tried to get a job at Zara naming merchandise.  How would that conversation go?  Maybe something like this:
Zara rep: Well, this little black number is a dress with a frill at the waist.  What should we call it?
Modcloth rep: Let's call it "Waisting Away"
Zara: What?  Why?  What are you talking about?
Modcloth: You know, cause of the frill at the waist. 
Zara: No.
Modcloth: Um, okay,  How about something like "Frilled to be Here?"
Zara: I'm not sure you understand what we are trying to accomplish here.  This is a dress with frill at the waist.  Hey, now that's something!  Perfect!

Anyway, you can play up the peplum trend with this little number.  And if you have no idea what my little imagined conversation between Zara and Modcloth was all about, pop on over to Modcloth and look at the names of their merchandise, and you'll see what I mean.


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