Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Inspiration from Around the Web

Here are some images from various places that I find fascinating, beautiful, or funny.  There is no rhyme or reason.  Enjoy.
I love this nursery- I love the hot air balloon, I LOVE the globe mobile- how inspired is that?!
I love that it has a travel kind of theme without hitting you in the
face with it- there are just subtle hints here and there.  Love.  via Elements of Style

London Lion

Le Eiffel Tower- just a glimpse from un taxi
via Elements of Style - I love a good gallery wall.

I love this room- the colors, the textures, the sweet bunny prints on the wall.
Image via Elements of Style (you should go check this blog out- it is beautiful!)

I can't say this anymore, because I have been going to the gym 
for two weeks now.  Granted, it's only been once a week, but it's something, right?
image via Pinterest 

I wish I had this puppy.  Image via Pinterest

mmmmmm.  via Green Like Bath Water

via Kriwina

Sometimes it's the stopping that gets me.
via What a Girl Wants

Yummy!  I love the little daisy cake.  Daisies seem to be everywhere; 
I wonder why?!
 from What a Girl Wants

 I think this is so pretty;  link here

Just a couple of friends, out for a ride...
found via matchbook mag,original here

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