Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Playdate

On my front door I wanted an Easter wreath, but didn't have time to make one so I just purchased the egg wreath at Walmart, but it was too small on its own.  I bought the little vintage looking "Happy Easter" sign at JoAnn's.  I then strung the wreath with ribbon (so it would hang lower) and tied more ribbon in a bow at the top.  An easy, inexpensive solution.
Playdate time!  I haven't thrown one of these for a while.  I used to all the time when my son, Britton, was younger.  Why is it that we forget some of the special things when it comes to our younger children?  Well, they deserve some fun too, so here goes...

 Gwenna was soooo excited about this day.  She pulled out the bunny ears we had left-over from our last Easter playdate 3 years ago.

I love this little Cinderella egg coach I got at Cinnamon Rose years ago when I worked there.

You may recall my post "Easter Brunch" here where I showed these gorgeous plum tree branches as a centerpiece.  I was at Trader Joe's getting a few things (love that place) and they had bunches of chamomile and freesia for $3 a bunch!  I was able to make two medium sized arrangements as well as two small ones for $6.  
One of my favorite things is this cabbage leaf pot/vase.  I use it all the time in the spring and summer months.  I also got it at Cinnamon Rose.
The rabbit eggs are from JoAnn's

A little creamer holds chamomile and a few freesia by my favorite picture of my kiddos by my bed.  I don't think anyone saw it, but I enjoyed it.  
Even Gwenna's room got a little spring- time cheer. 

Little $1 bin Easter bags and baskets from Target for our egg hunt.

The food everyone brought was so yummy!  This is just a portion of all that was there for us to enjoy.

My friends Kaley and Monica were thinking red and grey that morning!  How cute!  In fact, I think almost everyone had red on.

I turned on a dvd of the Beatrix Potter classics for the kids to enjoy.
I think I was laughing at Gwenna here, because she had her horse with her all morning.  He is sitting next to her on the bench, you can just see his head and hoof!  
Blake joins Gwenna for some yummy food...lucky girl!

It is always nice for mommies to visit and have a cup of coffee.
I thought it would be fun for the kid's to decorate cookies instead of eggs (I am not brave enough for that project).  My mom made Easter cookies ahead of time, so the kids frosted and sprinkled to their hearts content.

horsey again...

A little post-cookie swinging and dirt digging

Everyone brought 5 filled eggs for an egg hunt! I love that they chose things like gold fish, cereal, little foamies crafts, and erasers instead of tons of candy; they will get plenty of that soon anyway. 

A line of little eggs...
I think this is my favorite picture of the day!  This cute little chick egg filled with cereal sitting on top of the hedge waiting to be snatched up.  Love.

I thought it would be nice to read a little story about the meaning of Easter to the kids before the egg hunt.

My friend Monica and I were laughing later because the kids were so cute...they are young enough that they didn't really know what to do.  That is one of the main reasons I wanted to just have the little ones, and not their older siblings, to this one. 

Little Faith found some eggs!  
How sweet is this little one!
Baby Jackie, you will be old enough next time!
It's all about the bunny ears, baby!
My "Easter Brunch" post also included the idea for these darling vintage boxes (thank you, Marilyn!) as favors with a packet of spring flower seeds.

Thank you to everyone who came, we had a blast and hope you did too!
Until next time...

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