Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gwenna's Bedroom

When my daughter, Gwenna, turned 2 I decided that I wanted to redecorate her room.  I really didn't need to because it was pretty as it was, (pink and green shabby chic) but I began to see that she wasn't the soft girly- girl type, and I wanted her to have a room that reflected her personality and would last.  I must admit, that the prospect of decorating again appealed to me because it is just plain fun!

I chose this fabric as inspiration for the rest of the scheme.
It is called cornwall garden.  I love the multi-colored take on floral,
and I had a lot of options when choosing the rest of the fabrics and paint.
I also like that it is on a neutral ground, because, as much as I like color
I want a bedroom to be soothing and light.
I was given a small wing chair that I had reupholstered in these fabrics:
Cream for the main body of the chair, the fun bird fabric for the seat cushion,
and an aqua piping (to highlight the curve of the chair and hide dirt).
I am so lucky that my mom is willing to sew for me!  The curtains were the first
element to be completed:  I didn't want the cornwall fabric to make up the entire
panel, so I found this beautiful embroidered cream fabric that has an embroidered, whimsical floral pattern (and mimicked the rug) and that became the top 3/4 of the panel.  The color, then,
is reserved for the bottom portion.  The room reads as light and calm, and the pattern and color are strategically placed so that the room has personality and interest.  If I ever tire of the colors and fabrics, I can easily change the bottom of the curtains and slipcover (or reupholster) just the chair cushion.
The rug (which I already owned), curtains and chair are so pretty together and I
like that they don't match but contain the same colors.

I wanted to carry the same inspiration fabric that is on the curtains to the opposite
side of the room on the headboard for consistency.  I am making do
with these side tables now, but I am on the hunt for a matching pair that
is curvy and detailed painted either red, green or blue.

I found this paisley fabric with the same colors as the headboard
 for $3/yrd. and had it sewn into a pillow.
Gotta love a custom pillow for $3!
The closet doors are so cheap and I will eventually replace them, but for now
I just painted them the wall color and added little butterfly decals from Target.  Let me 

just say that usually I don't like kid's stickers, but in this case they work
perfectly.  Those are vintage children's postcards famed above the closet.

I had a series of vintage prints that I framed and put over
the closet.

The dresser was $25 at an antique store, and the mirror was a
$5 garage sale find.  I just added glass knobs and a little hook plaque from
TJ Maxx so she can hang up her little hats and bags.  This room was

done on a budget.

This was a fun project:  I cut out the pattern on a leftover piece of
fabric and glued it to the plain shade on a T.J. Maxx lamp.  It brings color to the right side of
the room.
I had this little antique corner shelf, but didn't know where to mount it.  When I was
painting the room I set it on the dresser and Viola! inspiration:  a little book divider.
The lady head vases were my grandmother's and I love them so much.
The chandelier has been there all along from her nursery. Still
a pretty, feminine touch.
 Gwenna, enjoying her special room.

A funny little nook in the corner (my husband added 
bead-board to the back) has become a 
functional space: first it was a change station, now
I keep her hair bows and headbands here and change
out the display often.  Her white Christmas tree
goes here during the holidays.
  It might become a vanity or desk space 

I like that this is the view I see as I walk down the hallway.

It is a happy little space; feminine but not overly frilly just
like my little girl!  I might also add that it isn't finished--no room
in my house ever is~

So I have been tweaking Gwenna's room:  It is a difficult space to arrange in terms of furniture placement because the bed should center the wall with the window or the closet, but obviously it can't.  I didn't like the previous arrangement because of the bed placement, so I am now trying it this way.  Tell me what you think!


  1. I love the headboard! You girls (and our little girl) are adorable. Hoping I can be a mom as put together as you guys are when we have kids:)

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Little girl things are so much fun. You deserve to have a little girl--I would love to see what you would do with her room. Good luck to you.



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