Friday, October 21, 2011

Meet Me In St. Louis

  I grew up watching Meet Me in St. Louis and it gives me a sense of comfort and warmth still.  I love the Halloween scene in the movie with cute little Margaret O'Brian.  As a child I remember watching the kids in the movie dress up in old clothes, build bonfires, and pretend to kill their neighbors by throwing flour in their faces.  What fun! (I think most little kids, like adults, have a gruesome side). Halloween has such a diverse history in terms of how people have celebrated over the years.  Today, of course, there is the ever popular trick-or-treat excursions that children so love,  as well as the fun of finding the perfect costumes, but I like to reference the past when I celebrate with my friends and family.  

Directed by Vincent Minelli in 1944.
Adorable Margaret O'Brian's scary adventure!

Snap-Apple Night by Daniel Maclise: Victoriafiles.com
Here is a painting depicting the festivities that accompanied Halloween (or Snap-Apple Night, as
it was called by some).  It makes me think of Washington Irving's, "Ichabod Crane" another of my favorite
Halloween stories!

Unfortunately, I am too busy with this blog to actually host a Halloween party (something is wrong with that) but if I was, here are a few things I would use:

Vintage Halloween gift tags
Vintage Halloween Tags
Buy 2 GET 2 FREE Vintage Halloween Witches, Owls, Cats, Printable Collage Sheet - 1 inch squares for pendants, stickers, tiles, magnets 113
Vintage Halloween Cards
Topstone Industries Vintage Halloween Trick or Treat Bags Unused
Vintage Treat Bags
Vintage Halloween Music  Songs circa 1949 Childrens Sing A Long Garland
Vintage Sheet Music
Vintage Halloween Crepe Paper Garland, Black and Orange Fringed Tissue Paper, 8 yards
Vintage Crepe Paper Garlands

2 Vintage Halloween Owl Paper Napkins
Vintage Napkins
black silhouette halloween die cut child trick or treating in a witch costume
Halloween Silhouette

Gwenna little lamb.
My daughter's not-so-scary Halloween costume, made by my
friend Min--thanks Min!

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