Saturday, October 29, 2011

Brambly Hedge

by Jill Barklem
As a child I loved these "Brambly Hedge" books (written in 1980 by Jill Barklem, born in Edding,UK). I must say that the stories themselves are not memorable or striking, but the images and the feelings they evoke are.  The illustrations are incredibly detailed and creative.  This time of year I am reminded of the cozy, sweet pages of these books.

There are the seasons books as well as a few other tales of the "Brambly Hedge"mice.

Beautiful play things that bring to life the "Brambly Hedge" world.

Miniature Mouse Tree House dollhouse by Maddie Chambers, via @Apartment Therapy Family 
How perfect is this?  

Woodland harp...we like cultured rodents!
 I had to share this dollhouse I recently saw at a local antiques shop.  Isn't it just so sweet!  There is tons of detail on this Tudor style cottage.  If my daughter didn't already have a dollhouse, I would have snapped this one up.
Look at the little hedges!
Gwenna enjoying her dollhouse.  I think I might paint it white...what do you think?
"Calico Critters" dolls my daughter collects.
From my past...

My mom made me this "Primrose" doll from the "Brambly Hedge" books.
This doll means--and meant-- more to me than any fancy toy I might have had.

Not that I have anything against fancy toys!

Now that Spring is just around the corner I thought I would add to this post with some of the images from the books that obviously inspire us all!

Little Brambly mice tucked in their cribs.

resource for this adorable teacup here

Happy Spring in Brambly Hedge!

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