Saturday, October 15, 2011

Warm Autumn Day

Just a little preview--this is my mantle!  I prefer a less is more
approach to Halloween.  The mice and garland are from "Martha Steward" at Michaels.
Lori and I will be posting more on Halloween decorating
and costumes soon!  

It has been really hot here, even though we are well into October!  I am reluctant,
though, to continue wearing my summer dresses--I am ready to pull out other 
clothes in my closet.  This outfit is a good compromise, and just right for a
low-key weekend.  

top: Old Navy
scarf: Target
jeans: Sevens
shoes: Urban Outfitters
bag: Michael Kors
earrings: Dillard's

Gwenna is so excited to carve pumpkins.  We still have a few weeks to go, but 
at least she has fun looking like she is ready for Halloween!  I was inspired by
 this cute little hair bow made out of vinyl and orange polka dot tulle!  I took off the floral
sash that came with the dress and tied a leftover piece of orange ribbon around her instead.
Perfect for my girl who is ready for Halloween now.

dress: Gap
shoes: Maggie & Zoe
hair bow: Big Daddy 's Hair Bows and Accessories (661-645-0687)

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